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Vestiges of Christianity is a news blog maintained under the direction of Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D., SOSM. Our goal is to reconcile ancient Christian theology with contemporary orthodox Christian practices and understandings. Our praxis carries with it a strong eastern liturgical focus while maintaining a freedom of spirituality that is true to ancient Christian ideology. We welcome anyone who desires to discover gnosis through the expression of early Christianity. We use the word "gnosis" with the intention to reflect its original meaning of soteriological knowledge, mystical wisdom and spiritual realization. While we encourage a working philosophical comprehension of Classical Gnosticism from antiquity, we are not a Gnostic or reconstructionist church. Our theology is orthodox, our approach, furthermore, is mystically liberating.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Understanding the Presidential Election from a Mature Christian Perspective

Today, Bishop Bryan Ouellette offers some insight into what a Christian's role should be regarding the upcoming, and very controversial, presidential election. He will look at the primary issues involved (abortion and health care) and discuss how Christians should approach them. He will also discuss what role prayer plays in this process, including how much God involves himself in the affairs of men.